The Religious Versus Seekers of Fact


ReligiousHumankind has actually always looked to the transcendent, a human trait gone after in many ways. And that could actually state which means is right or incorrect regarding an integral wish to transcend this earthly life when our time is up. The religious urge that they are right, and also spiritual seekers state furthermore.

So in order to resolve this spiritual conundrum, I thought of thirty differentiating functions (and also counting) of both groups, so that you might make a judgment. Please do not infer that these functions are great or all wrong, they are just various ways to approach a most fascinating topic. And also please, include your remarks relating to any kind of functions that you can consider, both differences and, ideally, similarities. The listing is not in any kind of order, just what came to mind. (Except number thirty, which I reserved since it most likely is the most substantial and meaningful). Additionally, the list is not as limiting and also polarizing as it could first show up. Much of the attributes fall into gray areas as well as might belong to either classification, i.e., some religious individuals might lean toward a few seeker attributes, while some seekers might lean toward some religious traits. Each classification encroaches on the various other constantly, so these are not set guidelines set in concrete.

Having said that, the list does highlight some areas of rate of interest that can produce thoughtful reflection when comparing bothtechniques? way of livings? and also affords one an opportunity to examine where specific distinctions might be reconciled – if it just weren’t for the problematic language barriers and also unique lingo that could emerge between the different customs and also techniques; words that just make complex matters and separate them into disagreements even though the root concepts might be similar.